The Alumni Club of San Antonio is one of the fastest growing and most active clubs in the Ohio State Alumni Association.  Below are some highlights of our club, but come to one of our events and really get to know us!  Check out our upcoming events.  See pictures and stories of some of our recent events.

The Club is all about Service!

We get involved in community activities that build camaraderie like volunteering for the NCAA Final Four, or the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon.  We help those in need such as the Wounded Warriors at Brooke Army Medical Center or collecting foodstuffs for the hungry.  This year, we are stepping up our community service game by getting involved in a number of community beautification projects.

The Club is all about Support!

The Alamo Club members enjoy sharing the Ohio State experience among themselves and with future students. We help recruit the best and brightest young adults from San Antonio and the local area and raise funds to provide them with scholarships.  Last year we were able to give scholarships current Buckeye students from Bexar County!

The Club is all about Spirit!

Whether cheering on the Buckeye sports teams or yelling OH and receiving an echoing IO across the San Antonio Airport terminal, Buckeye spirit is alive and thriving here in the Alamo City!

Come join our growing club and help us celebrate just being BUCKEYES in the heart of Texas. Whatever you do, just come join us!