Buckeyes Give Back: River Restoration Day

The San Antonio Buckeyes showed up in force to give time and energy to cleaning up our San Antonio River contributaries in the Headwaters Sanctuary in Alamo Heights. The 17 person crew split into two different groups gathering litter around the Sanctuary and really got their (gloved) hands dirty picking up over 15 bags of trash from recent flooding. Later in the morning the group learned about several invasive species to the area and helped isolate and tag some of the pesky plants around the park.


Highlights from the day include:

  • Being one of the largest groups to participate and being recognized by the Sanctuary Volunteers as well as having a lot of presence in the group photo
  • Interacting with some wildlife: tiny frogs, a few spiders and even a bat (no buckeyes were bitten and no animals were injured in the making of this volunteer project)
  • Including all ages! This particular project was open to the whole family. We had lots of little buckeyes give back too!


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